Vision of Broadmeadow Community National School

Our vision for Broadmeadow Community National School  is to create an environment which is calm and safe, in which each member of staff, each student and each member of the community reaches their full potential. Strong links and partnerships between all of these will be the key to ensuring that all children receive the best possible opportunities to develop sociallyacademically and emotionally.  We hope you will be part of our vision too! 

Our school motto of ‘Connect, Create, Explore, Enjoy’ fully describes the active and creative approach that we will take in educating the children while also acknowledging the important part parents and community figures play in the creation of meaningful connections and exploration of other people’s perspectives. 

The school aims to offer an education which is grounded in research and innovative in nature. We aim to provide the highest quality education in each of the subject areas while being mindful of the wellbeing and emotional development of the child.

Broadmeadow CNS also aims to be a creative school, one which integrates and promotes the arts as a method of learning and a method of expression for the children. It is envisaged that the children will experience artistic, musical, dramatic and design elements during the implementation of the Primary School Curriculum. The school will foster values of Respect, Empathy, Fairness, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Collaboration.  

Broadmeadow CNS

Broadmeadow Community National School
Rathbeale Rd., Swords, Co. Dublin

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